For property to be transferred in Ireland, the parties involved must follow strict regulations to ensure that the contracts being exchanged are valid and legally binding.

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What is Conveyancing Law?

Conveyancing law is largely concerned with the transfer of property from one person to another, and all the legal processes involved in that exchange.

In Ireland, the conveyancing process can take weeks and even several months to complete.

Property ownership is governed by a land registration system, which involves purchasers of properties earning what is known as good title.

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If you want to enlist an expert conveyancing law solicitor, or just seek guidance on how to approach a transfer of property contact us today.

What Does a Conveyancing Solicitor Do?

The primary function of a conveyancing solicitor is to ensure that a person’s property, including the land on which it sits, is legally and properly transferred from one person to another. 

As explained above, there are a variety of legal matters relating to conveyancing that a solicitor can help you to navigate. 

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Matters around conveyancing can be daunting, but a good solicitor will make a world of difference in helping you to get through the process smoothly. 

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