Although great measures are taken to prevent medical negligence from occurring in healthcare settings, unfortunately they can occur under any circumstance. This may include the likes of A and E negligence. 

If you have been the victim of substandard medical practice in A and E, then you have the right to make a compensation claim. 

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What is A and E Negligence?

A and E negligence is when you receive substandard healthcare while in the accident and emergency area of a hospital. You have the right to make a claim when this negligence has damaging results on you or a loved one. 

By making an A and E negligence claim, you can receive compensation for the wrongful experience you have endured. This financial compensation can then be used in your attempts to amend the damages of the negligence.

Common emergency room negligence claims

There are a variety of mistakes that can be made in the emergency room that result in damages. Some of the more common examples of these claims include:

  • Misdiagnosis claims
  • Late diagnosis/treatment claims
  • Medication error claims
  • Inadequate supervision claims
  • Wrong treatment claims

Misdiagnosis claims

Accident and emergency sections of hospitals can often be hectic. After all, medical professionals are required to work under stressful situations and perform duties quickly. 

This can unfortunately sometimes result in misdiagnosis. A medical professional may make a mistake regarding the diagnosis of your illness or injury. 

This can then result in you not getting the correct treatment or attention you require. Misdiagnosis is a form of medical negligence you have the right to claim for. 

Late diagnosis/treatment claims

When a patient is checking into the emergency section of a hospital, it is because they need urgent care. Should you receive a late diagnosis or treatment, this can have damaging effects on a patient. 

If you feel as if you may have been the victim of late diagnosis or treatment, speak to one of our medical negligence solicitors today.

Medication error claims

A and E negligence can occur through mistakes regarding your medication. If your treatment or diagnosis is rushed, you may be prescribed or given the wrong medication, or given the wrong dosage. 

Such an error can lead to significant health complications, potentially even resulting in death.

Inadequate supervision claims

If you require urgent care whilst in a medical setting, then it is important for healthcare professionals to keep a close eye on your condition. In A and E, the condition of a patient can rapidly decline, based on their situation. 

If inadequate supervision results in the worsening of a patient’s condition, this could be considered negligent practice. In the case where you feel you may have been the victim of this, get in contact with O’Brien & Company solicitors today.

Wrong treatment claims

Receiving the wrong treatment is also a potential form of negligence you may experience in an emergency room. This could include undergoing the wrong procedure, getting surgery in the wrong place or being given the wrong medication. 

Any example of wrong treatment received in a healthcare setting that results in damages can be claimed against.

Are You Eligible For Compensation?

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Compensation for A and E negligence

There is no set figure for the amount of financial compensation you may receive for A and E negligence. These figures are determined by the damages, situation and suffering you or a loved one have endured. 

In your claim, both general and specific damages can be considered in the evaluation of compensation.

General damages compensate a patient for the wrongful situation they have experienced. These damages do not have specific monetary value and can vary. 

Examples of general damages you may receive compensation for in your claim include:

  • Loss of amenity 
  • Negative mental implications 
  • Mourning and loss 
  • Time lost

You can be amended for the costs that you will have to face due to the wrongful treatment you have received. These are considered specific damages. 

Examples of specific damages include: 

  • Medical costs
  • Loss of income 
  • Travel costs
  • Care costs

Who is responsible for A and E negligence?

Any medical professional responsible for the damages ensued can be considered responsible for this negligence. 

This can include doctors, nurses, surgeons or even receptionists. 

Some common ways in which these professionals may exhibit such negligence is miscommunication, poor judgement or making errors due to working in a high pressure environment.

Steps in making a claim for medical negligence

You can make a medical negligence claim by following these steps:

It is best to enlist the help of a legal professional when pursuing a medical or A and E negligence claim. Our team at O’Brien & Company can offer you professional service and the best results.

Your solicitor will then gather evidence to support your claim. In a medical negligence case this will mostly consist of medical documents and a third-party report.

Once your solicitor has gathered the evidence and put together your claim, they will assess how much compensation the claim is worth. 

Following this, they will formally submit your claim. If the defending party accepts the claim, no further steps are required.

It is unlikely that your case will need to be settled in court. However, your solicitor will be prepared for this step should it be necessary.

How long do I have to make an A and E claim?

You will have a legal time limit of two years to make an A and E claim. This time limit begins when you become aware of the damages suffered.

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Fatal A and E negligence claims

A fatal A and E negligence claim is when the damages suffered have resulted in the death of the victim and dependents of the deceased seek compensation on their behalf. 

Only dependents of the deceased have the right to make this claim. This may include parents, spouses or children. 

A successful fatal A and E negligence claim could see you rewarded with general and specific damage compensation. 

Make an A and E negligence claim today

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